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Sassa Narimasa 'legend of Sarasara crossing'

Even now Tateyama climbing is very dagerous during the winter season. However about 500 years ago Sassa Narimasa achieved that climbing in Warring States period. This is called 'Sarasara crossing'. ( Because they crossed the 'Zara Ridge' known as the heavy snow). Why they had to challenge such a dangerous act. Sassa Narimasa had a war against Hideyoshi after the death of Nobunaga. The war against them was a very tight one. So while the enemy did not attack them in winter season ( because of heavy snow ), he wanted to go over Tateyama and ask Ieyasu to help him. There was no way to reach Ieyasu except Tateyama because enemies had mostly surrounded them. Overcoming many difficulties and losing his retainer lives by avalanche, he crossed the Zara ridge and reached Hamamatsu. But he could not persuade Ieyasu to help him. Yes Sassa Narimasa lost the war. However he was well respected by his people because of a good rulership and his effort to control Joganji River flood.