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  • Tateyama Museum
    This museum is near Tateyama Station and you can easily drop in to enjoy it.
  • Oyama Jinja Shrine
    Oyama Jinja Shrine is made up of three different shrines.
  • Tateyama Caldera Sabo Museum
    Tateyama Caldera is a huge hollow located at the south of Midagahara Highland.
  • Tateyama Murodou
    The mountain hut which was built at the middle of Edo Era is registered as the important cultural property in Japan.
  • The history of Kurobe Dam
    'The most difficult dam constuction work'. So is said to the Kurobe Dam construction.
  • Tateyama Nunobashi
    Anciently wemen is banned to enter the Tateyama Mountain. Even so women is thought to have ・・・