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Introduction to Omachi Mountainous Museum

Here introduced a big scale nature of North Alps and the beautiful flora and fauna there. Also you can learn the history of mountain climbing and the tools to climb steep mountains. Another entertainment is a little zoo where you can find Japanese serows and thunderbirds.

The history of mountain climbing is introduced in 6 corners separately. 'climbing history of North Alps' , 'mountain huts in North Alps' , 'tools of climbing' , 'accidents while climbing' , 'geographic model around Mt. Everest' , 'mountaineering in forein lands by the Japanese' You can learn there the involvement of mountaineering by people. In fine days you can enjoy Back Tateyama mountains view from this place.


Address Shin-eichou Omachi Omachi City Nagano8056-1
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Official site http://www.city.omachi.nagano.jp/sanpaku/alpine2.htm