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Midagahara hiland

This wetland is registered uner Ramsar Convention. This highland spreads needle-leaved forests which represents subalpine zone. Wide spread Midagahara is well cared for the hiker to walk easily, and you can easily trek the trail. So you may find many kinds of alpine plants spread widely here with colorful flowers.


Here you find about 3,000 small puddles here and there. Local people say these puddles as 'Gaki-no-Ta' ( field of brats or kids ) When you see the light sparkles around here in the beautiful flora and fauna, you won't be able explain that beauty.


Address Midagahara Tateyamamachi Toyama
Charge no charge ( free to visit )
Open Open from early April to later November every nomal year. ( it changes by the state of snow fall )
Access a short walk from Tateyama Kurobe Kankou Bus Midagahara Station.