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Oyama peak of Tateyama

From the top of Oyama peak you can enjoy complete view around the mountain without disturbing shades. When it's crystal clear fine, you may see Mt Fuji. From Murodou-Daira to Ichinokoshi stones are paved along the trail, so it's easy to walk. From this way the view of Toyama Bay and Noto Peninsula can be seen far away. After Ichinokoshi trail path gets steeper and steeper to Oyama peak. It takes 2 hours uphill to reach Oyamapeak, on the other hand it takes only one hour and 40 minutes to return to Murodou-Daira.

Oyamama Jinja Shrine

Oyama Jinja Shrine is made up of three different shrines.
See details to the official site of Oyama Jinja Shrine.

Mountain Top Shrine : It is build at the top of Mt. Tateyama. 3003 meters high above the sea level.

Ashikuraji Shrine : This shrine is surrounded by many old cedars about 500 years old. Tateyama Museum stands beside this shrine.

Iwakuraji Shrine : This stands at the foot of Mt. Tateyama. The style of this building is the same at Muromachi Era(600 years ago).This is registered as the important cultural property in Japan.


Address Murodou Tateyamamachi Toyama
Charge no charge ( free to visit )
Open Open from early April to later November every nomal year. ( it changes by the state of snow fall )
Access It takes 4 hours to make a round trip from Tateyama Kurobe Kankou Murodou Station.