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This place is the center of Alpine Route sightseeing trip. You stand 2,450 meters above the sea level and can see magnificient Tateyama mountains in front of you. They include three peaks of Tateyama and Mt. Turugi which is about 3,000 meters high mountains. You also can view 'Mikurigaike-Pond' and 'Jigokudani-valley' (hell valley) which is the result of volcanic activity here now. You can enjoy spectacular view here in a great scale.

Water of Murodou-Daira

You can taste cold water in front of Murodou Terminal Building. This water is quite famous and is chosen as one of the 100 famous mineral water in Japan. It is called Tateyama Tamadono Yuusui(spring or welling of water). It tastes quite nice, and please try it.

You may see Raicho ( Thunderbird ) rambling around there. They are said to endure the coldness of the glacial period and survive.


Address Murodou Tateyamamachi Toyama
Charge no charge ( free to visit )
Open Open from early April to later November every nomal year. ( it changes by the state of snow fall )
Access It takes 4 hours to make a round trip from Tateyama Kurobe Kankou Murodou Station.