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  • Murodou-Daira
    This place is the center of Alpine Route sightseeing trip.
  • Yukino Outani
    You can enjoy here from late April to late May.
  • Kurobe Dam
    Kurobe Dam is the one of biggest dam in Japan.
  • Mikuriga-ike Pond
    It is said that this pond is ' the most beautiful pond in North Alps' here.
  • Daikanbou
    This Observatory stands 2,316 meters high from the sea level and from here you can view Kurobe Lake
  • Oyama peak of Tateyama
    From the top of Oyama peak you can enjoy complete view around the mountain without disturbing shades.
  • Midagahara hiland
    This highland spreads needle-leaved forests which represents subalpine zone.
  • Bijo-daira Highland
    Bijo-daiara Highland locates 1,000 meters above sea lebel.
  • Shomyo Fall
    Shomyo Fall is the highest fall ( 350 meters high ) in Japan.